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Covering the most frequently asked questions about NDIS STA

December 23, 2022

Covering the most FAQs about NDIS STA

You may already know the NDIS provides ongoing funding for all ‘reasonable and necessary’ disability equipment, care and support services – but what about Short Term Accommodation? How do you know if you are eligible, what does it include and how do you receive funding? 


What is Short-Term Accommodation (STA)? 

Short-Term Accommodation, also known as STA NDIS or STA Accommodation NDIS, is a type of temporary respite care that allows both you and your carer to have a break to recharge. NDIS STA gives participants the chance to experience living away from home in a supportive environment with everything you need, for up to 14 days at a time and maximum of 28 days per year, while carers have a break from their duties. 


During a STA stay you can receive supports with: 

  • Medication management and personal care 
  • Meals including preparation and support learning to cook 
  • Specialised support from around the clock staff including overnight (if required) 
  • Access to social activities, community participation and more 


What does STA include? 

NDIS STA inclusions will differ based on your individual needs and funding.  

Here are some common examples; 

  • One-on-one short-term care where you are paired up with a support worker for a period of time that suits your particular needs 
  • Group short-term options, which match your needs with other people who may have similar needs and interests  
  • Overnight or weekend facility-based support where your needs and interests align with shared short-term accommodation facilities 

This support is often delivered in a group-based accommodation, which gives you the chance to make new friends, meet new people and experience a change of routine. It’s also an opportunity to try new activities, recharge and improve your independence, as STA can also include capacity-building group activities as part of your stay, from art therapy sessions to group fitness activities, or exciting day trips. Now that’s something to look forward to! 


Can you use Short Term Accommodation in a crisis situation? 

Short Term Accommodation is not for housing crisis situations, and can only be funded where the need relates directly to your disability – however, sometimes a disability related crisis can occur, leading you to need STA quickly and unexpectedly.  

This could be a situation where your carers suddenly can’t care for you or you’re at risk of harm in your current home. In this situation, it’s important to reach out immediately to your support coordinator, local area coordinator or contact us at Aspire Hub. 


How does STA funding work under the NDIS? 

You will need pre-approval from the NDIS within your plan for STA under the Core Support category ‘Assistance with Daily Living’ (Category 1).  

Funding includes all basic expenses in a 24-hour period related to the support, including: 

  • Accommodation (in a suitable facility) 
  • Personal care and support (including overnight) 
  • Food during your stay 
  • Activities you and the provider agree to 


How much funding can I get? 

The amount of funding you can receive will depend on the level of support you need. 

Someone with very high support needs and with a spouse as their primary carer, might receive the full 28 days of STA funding in their NDIS Plan, while a person with mid-level support needs who wants to build their independence before moving out of home, may receive funding for a night away from their parents each month.  

Funding is typically for a group price, unless there is evidence you require individual support because of your disability. This means you may share supports with other people during your stay – your care however won’t be compromised.  


How do you get STA in your NDIS Plan? 

Just like with any type of support, the NDIS will fund STA if it relates to one of your goals outlined in your NDIS plan, so you will need to speak with your plan coordinator and ensure it is included. Your new goal may be ‘preparing to live independently’, ‘learning new life skills’, or ‘making new friends’ – these are all goals which STA can help you reach!  

Remember to supply any evidence that will help the NDIS to understand why it’s reasonable and necessary for you to receive STA, and how it applies to your disability. You can supply formal documentation from an Occupational Therapist or another health care professional, or a letter from the people currently providing you with informal supports, explaining why you both would benefit from a short stay away from home. 


Discover short-term accommodation with Aspire Hub 

At Aspire Hub, we offer NDIS STA for participants in south East Queensland and Perth – with no waiting lists, so you can receive support as soon as possible! 

Once you have your funding pre-approval, reach out to our friendly team who will get to know you and be able to guide you through the process. 

Our homes are located in vibrant communities that are close to everything you need, from amenities to local attractions and recreational activities. With our personalised support team, our STA will make you feel comfortable in your home away from home and offer a range of fun accessible activities to make your stay an experience to remember, such as Footy Weekend, Explorer Weekend, and Food Trail.  

Enquire now about NDIS Short Term Accommodation with Aspire Hub here. 

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