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How to find the best NDIS short term accommodation providers

December 5, 2022

NDIS short term accommodation providers

Have you heard about Short-Term Accommodation or STA? STA offers the chance for a person with disability to enjoy a supported stay away from their home for a short period, all while gaining new skills, experiences and building friendships.

Sometimes in life we need a small break, a change of scenery or routine to mix it up! Short-Term Accommodation is a type of NDIS funded disability accommodation for approved participants – think of it like a home away from home. Designed to give you a homely place to stay, during a STA stay you will also enjoy a range of organised activities, based on your personal preferences and needs, to build your capacity and improve your confidence in undertaking day-to-day tasks. It’s also great for informal carers, such as family members you live with, as it allows them time to relax and recharge.

NDIS funding allows eligible participants to access up to 14 days away from their usual place of residence, and usually funds up to 28 days of STA in a calendar year. This means you have the flexibility to pick and choose when you’d like to use this type of accommodation. You can use it all in one go for a full 14 day stay, or pick and choose certain weekends spread throughout the year.

Who might use STA and why?


STA is the perfect way to have a new experience and enjoy trying unique activities for a limited amount of time in a home away from home.

Some examples of people who might use STA are:

· Someone with high support needs whose informal supports (like a family member) need; a break, are unavailable due to an outside of work commitment, or are going away on holiday

· Someone who wants to grow their independence, and improve their skills in a new environment

· A young person with goals around increasing their community participation and confidence with social interaction


What can I expect during a short-term stay?


Short-Term disability accommodation isn’t just about being in a safe and comfortable home, it also allows you to receive support with everyday tasks.

STA can include support with:

· Personal care such as assistance in showering, oral hygiene, dressing and toileting

· Medication management including storage and administration of medication

· Assistance in personal development to support you in achieving your goals

· Assistance in lifestyle and recreational activities such as enjoying favourite hobbies, visiting local attractions, meeting new people and getting out and about in the community

· Specialised around the clock support staff

· Cooking and meal preparation

· Social activities

STA is not only an opportunity to experience a change of pace and scenery, it also offers a variety of other personal benefits, like helping you make new friends and connections, and maintain positive family and carer relationships. It can also encourage and increase your independence, as you transition to Supported Independent Living and moving out of home.


Enjoy fun new activities


Trying new activities is part of the fun during a STA stay. Whether you want to see the latest movie, go out for a delicious meal, visit the beach or play your favourite sport, there is a range of things to see and do that you’re sure to enjoy.

As NDIS Short Term Accommodation Providers, at Aspire Hub our housing is located within vibrant communities close to amenities, local attractions, and recreational activities, making it easy to enjoy everything you love most during your stay. Our personalised support team will make you feel right at home, and will facilitate a range of fun, capacity-building exercises such as Footy Weekend, Explorer Weekend, and Food Trail – all designed around your needs. You’ll get to de-stress and re-charge, as you make increase your independence and step outside your comfort zone!


Where can I find NDIS Accommodation providers that offer STA?


There are many NDIS short term accommodation providers – so it’s important to do your research, speak with your support network and consider your needs! Ask yourself what is important to you, especially when it comes to location, activities on offer and the level of care and support that you

are looking for. Caregivers also need to know that their loved ones are in capable hands with the chosen provider.

The quickest and easiest way to find providers is to head online! Search for “NDIS short term accommodation in [insert your preferred suburb name]” and get to know some of the local providers by reading their website, looking at their social media profiles and asking around within the community. You can also find customer reviews on Google and Facebook.

As a leading provider of short-term disability accommodation, Aspire Hub’s growing list of high-quality NDIS housing locations span south east Queensland, from the Gold Coast to Logan City, Ipswich and Brisbane City, and to Perth in Western Australia. Our short-term accommodation options are designed to promote confidence and independence, within a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. We will ensure you’re partnered with the best support worker for you, and have all of the supports you need with our qualified and passionate team.

One of Australia’s most trusted NDIS short term accommodation providers, the Aspire Hub team is proudly family-owned and operated, with strong values and beliefs that drive our whole team.

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