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Exploring Specialist Disability Accommodation at Aspire Hub

July 31, 2023

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If your loved one or client has a complex physical disability, they may be eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding through the NDIS. SDA can help provide the flexibility and freedom that might be required to live a more fulfilling life

What is SDA housing?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is NDIS-funded support that provides housing for people who require a high level of support and modifications to suit their needs.  SDA specifically funds the modifications needed to make a house or apartment suitable for your needs. You can live in SDA by yourself or with others.

How does funding work?

SDA funding is included under Capital funding support Category 6 and only covers the modifications and upkeep of your home. It does not cover the support you receive in your home or the cost of rent, which can be supplemented by the Disability Support Pension. SIL funding pays for the formal support you receive while in your SDA home.

What are some of the benefits of Specialist Disability Accommodation?

  1. Accessibility made possible

SDA is all about creating accessible environments!

Imagine wide doorways that accommodate wheelchairs with ease, ramps that enable you to move independently, and spacious interiors that allow for limitless exploration. Whether it’s moving freely within your home or venturing outside, SDA empowers NDIS participants to embrace new adventures and gain more independence without barriers.

  1. Assistive technologies and gadgets

SDA incorporates advanced assistive technologies and gadgets into the living spaces of NDIS participants, helping to create more convenience in your everyday life. This can include voice-activated controls that bring your living space to life with a simple command, smart home automation systems that adjust lighting and temperature settings to create the perfect ambiance, and innovative gadgets that make daily tasks easier and more enjoyable. With SDA, technology becomes a helpful companion that enhances independence and adds a touch of magic to your living environment.

  1. Social spaces that spark connections

SDA recognises the importance of social connections, and fosters environments that encourage community engagement! Many SDA disability homes include common areas and shared spaces, where you can interact with your neighbours, creating opportunities for friendship, collaboration, and companionship. Whether it’s a vibrant communal garden, a cozy shared lounge or a buzzing activity room, these shared spaces are a great way to stay connected, make memories and engage in social interaction.

  1. Personalised spaces

For NDIS participants, it’s important that SDA is inviting, safe, and comfortable – and that your living spaces reflect your unique personality and preferences! SDA enables you to enjoy an environment that resonates with you and accommodates your evolving needs, encouraging you to personalise your space. Hang a poster, or fairy lights, or decorate your space to really make it your sanctuary!

  1. Improved well-being through inclusivity

SDA’s benefits go beyond just physical accessibility- it also fosters well-being and inclusivity.

These types of accommodation are designed with careful consideration for the sensory needs and comfort of NDIS participants, promoting an environment that encourages relaxation, sensory regulation, and emotional well-being.

SDA aims to enhance your overall quality of life and provide spaces where you can thrive.


  • To receive funding for SDA, you must show the NDIS that you require high-level support and that there are no other suitable options available to you
  • An OT can prepare formal assessments which highlight exactly why you need SDA. If you don’t have funding for this, the first step of your SDA journey will be to request a plan review to get OT funding.
  • Although SDA does not include any ongoing, in-home supports, services and supports can easily be delivered within this type of accommodation. Find out about our Supported Independent Living services here. 


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