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Aspire Hub approach to Supported Independent Living Perth

June 12, 2023

Supported independent living Perth

What is Supported Independent Living?  

The NDIS defines Supported Independent Living (SIL) as a type of support to help those living with disabilities in their home. This support can be delivered in either your current home or in NDIS-approved shared housing. 

This type of support aims to help you to live as independently as possible while building your skills, confidence, and capacity with day-to-day tasks. It includes help or supervision with everyday tasks like cooking meals, medication management, or cleaning.  

Aspire Hub’s Supported Independent Living Perth service is the perfect option if you’re living in Western Australia with approval for SIL in your plan. Our experienced and caring team is available to support you. We also have furnished rooms available across a number of vacancies in Perth!

Who is SIL for?

SIL is best suited for you if you need support with tasks during most of the day with things. This includes things like showering and getting dressed, or eating and cooking meals. It may also include overnight support. But you will need to have pre-approval from the NDIS to access funding for SIL within your plan. Chat with the team at Aspire Hub if you’re unsure about what your funding includes. 

Does NDIS cover SIL?

Yes, the NDIS does cover SIL for those with a disability who have everyday support needs. Accordingly, the NDIS often funds support for people with SIL who live in shared accommodation with our like-minded people receiving SIL.  This ensures your support team can deliver the supports you need in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Funding for SIL doesn’t cover expenses like groceries or rent. For more on what’s covered, check the NDIS’s SIL guidelines

What is included with SIL?

A range of support is available when it comes to Supported Independent Living, including:
– Assistance with daily tasks like cleaning, gardening and grocery shopping.
– Personal care assistance such as getting dressed, showering and oral hygiene.
– Managing medications including storage and administering medication. 
– Assistance in lifestyle activities, such as participating in hobbies, socialising and engaging with the community. 
– Assistance in personal development, such as achieving individual or independent goals.  

How can Aspire Hub help?

With more than 100 clients in south east Queensland and a dedicated team of some 300+ staff, Aspire Hub has expanded to Western Australia to provide Supported Independent Living in Perth. And with our NDIS Supported Independent Living Perth options continuing to grow, more Aussies can access independent living in a home of your choosing. 

Why choose Perth?

After listening to the concerns of Western Australians, there was a clear need for more supported independent living providers to deliver quality services. So, with a person-centric approach, Aspire Hub stepped up to the challenge to continue their mission of empowering people to life the life they choose. 

A thriving city, Aspire Hub have options for Supported Independent Living in Perth that are close to iconic destinations. These include Perth Zoo, Cottesloe Beach, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Everyone can get out about in the great outdoors, and enjoy much of what Perth has to offer. Plus, with more sunshine than any other Australian capital city, Perth is great for exploring nature or heading down to the beach.

Perth local Valerie accessed Aspire Hub’s supports for a short-term respite stay. She enjoyed meeting the Aspire Hub team and receiving our supports during her stay.  

“My name is Valerie and I live with a brain injury as a result of a Brain Bleed about 18 months ago. Like a lot of people, the only people who are able to care for me – ongoing are my husband and a small extended family that to be honest we have not involved in my day-to-day care. I guess you value your independence (at your peril at times),” she said. 

“Thankfully, we were able to get in touch with Aspire (and John).  That contact has changed our everyday markedly. We don’t feel like we are unsupported and have taken advantage of the opportunity to have a break (respite) from our everyday.”  

At Aspire Hub, we’re committed to delivering the supports our clients need, quickly and without compromising quality. For more information or to see a list of Aspire Hub’s current Supported Independent Living Perth vacancies, click here. 


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