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What is NDIS social & community participation and is it important?

May 22, 2023

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For people with disabilities, participating in community groups or enjoying outings isn’t always easily accessible. However, social and community participation is very important for people with disabilities – not only is it empowering, but it promotes independence, confidence and is great for your health and wellbeing. 

Here at Aspire Hub, we make it easier for you to engage within your local community through support with NDIS social and community participation. Let’s take a look at why this support is so important.

What are NDIS social and community participation?

Depending on your individual plan, the NDIS may provide funding for supported social and community participation. It means being involved in social, cultural and recreational activities within your community. This is important because it allows you to meet new people, attend social events or community activities, and develop your skills. It can also help to reduce loneliness and isolation. 

Unlike other day-to-day supports, social and community participation is centered around having fun! Therefore, the type of activities included will depend on your individual interests. These could range from heading to a café with a friend, joining a sports team, attending a craft class or volunteering.

What is included in NDIS social and community participation?

If eligible, the NDIS not only helps fund the activities but also provides funds for the supports for social and community participation. This could include assistance joining and participating in social groups, as well as developing skills to help meet others. It can also provide support in accessing the places you’re looking to attend (transport) and helping build these skills in the future.

How can Aspire Hub help with social and community participation NDIS?

The NDIS fund this type of support based on your needs, so it’s best to check your NDIS plan first, to ensure funding for this support is included. At Aspire Hub, we’ll work with you to help achieve your social and community participation goals – and have a great time too! With a range of social and recreation activities and programs, you’ll be spoilt for choice and it’s a great way to learn new skills and meet new people.

Whether it’s bonding with family and friends, going to a shopping centre, seeing an art exhibition or visiting a museum, there are plenty of options to get out and about. If you’re looking to give back, we can work with you to organise an activity like planting trees or volunteering. Playing sports or relaxing with a picnic in the park is an option too, or if you’re looking for a sense of adventure, bike riding or kayaking might just be on the agenda.

What support is available for social and community participation?

Depending on your needs, one-on-one or group activities may be more suitable. Regardless of your ability level, we can craft a program to suit your preferences. If you’re not sure what support is best for the activity in mind, or you’re looking for further assistance, reach out to us! We’ll look at what support you need and guide you on the best path. We also match our clients with a team member that shares similar interests and understands your needs, so it’s a win-win. If you’re looking for increased social and community participation NDIS, here’s some online resources to assist with developing these goals. It will help prompt activities you enjoy doing and consider what you may need to participate both socially and within the community, as well as highlighting the benefits of developing these skills.

Who can I talk to?

At Aspire Hub, we’re always willing to lend a helping hand, but you can also reach out to family, friends, Social and community participation NDIS planners, carers and your NDIA local area coordinators, just to name a few! These people can help provide some guidance and suggestions as to which social and community participation activities might help you achieve your goals. Some questions to help get started are “how do I develop a routine that is good for my physical and mental health and also interesting?” Or “what groups or activities have I done in the past that I enjoyed and how can I find or restart that activity again?” With these in mind, we can work together to find ways you can participate fully, build skills and enjoy the activity as well. 

We hope this helps you better understand NDIS options. For more information, or for more information about Aspire Hub, reach out to us here or give us a call on (07) 3074 9440.

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