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How to use the NDIS online SDA finder tool

April 24, 2023


Are you, a client or a loved one approved for NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) but are stuck searching for the perfect purpose-built home for your needs? 

As an NDIS-approved provider of supported accommodation, which includes SDA, the team at Aspire Hub is passionate about helping our clients and industry partners to find the best homes for their needs.  

If you’re browsing the internet for available SDA vacancies or providers near you, take a look at the NDIS’ online SDA finder tool! The NDIS SDA Finder shows available homes around Australia and lists a number of approved providers. In this guide, we’re breaking down what exactly an SDA is, and how you can find the right home for your needs, using the tool.

What is SDA?
Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a type of housing supported by Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These homes are designed to be more accessible for those living with disabilities and include built-in features for various levels of care such as ceiling hoists, assistive technology, accessible ramps and more.  

What type of SDA home do I need?
To ensure SDA homes are both of a high quality and accessible, the NDIS has four categories of SDA Design Standards.

Improved liveability: Housing that has been designed to improve ‘ liveability’ by incorporating a  reasonable level of physical access and enhanced provision for people with sensory, intellectual or cognitive impairment.

Robust construction: Housing that has been designed to incorporate a reasonable level of physical access provision and be very resilient, reducing the likelihood of reactive maintenance and reducing the risk to the participant and the community.

Fully accessible: Housing that has been designed to incorporate a high level of physical access provisions for people with significant physical impairment.

High physical support: Housing has been designed to incorporate a high level of physical access provisions for people with significant impairment and requiring very high levels of support.

If you’re unsure which SDA housing type would be best suited to your needs, contact the team at Aspire Hub for a discussion.

Using the NDIS SDA Finder tool

The NDIS has a handy tool for browsing all vacant SDA homes around Australia. From using the map view to a refined search, there are a number of ways you can find vacancies by using the NDIS SDA Finder tool

Using the search
For a more comprehensive look, you can use the search results in the SDA finder (this is on the left-hand side for desktop or below the NDIS website info on mobile). To see a full search, add the relevant postcode or tick your state or territory.  

For a more specific search, you can also filter by building type, SDA design, the number of rooms or maximum price per room. As the boxes are ticked, you’ll notice the tiles update to show the new results. 

Using the tile view
For the full list of vacant housing, you can use the tile search. Sort via A-Z, Z-A, by the number of rooms or by the number of vacancies. This is a good option if you’re looking for a specific service name or if you’re wanting a broader Australian search.

Using the map view
To find a location close by, use the map view (this can be found below the SDA search on mobile and below the tile view on desktop). By clicking into your nearest state or territory, you’ll be able to see  

Downloading a list
You can also download a full list of SDA homes via PDF or CSV. The downloadable links can be found under the map both on desktop and mobile. 
How do I book an inspection? Or get more information? 
The SDA tool includes contact information for the housing available including both email and phone contact details. It’s best to contact the provider first to register interest or to book an inspection. If you’re not seeing any contact details in the tile view, click “more information” to see more. 

How can Aspire Hub help?
We know everyone is different and there’s certainly no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to housing. As a leading provider of supported accommodation, Aspire Hub offer a range of support options, depending on your individual needs. So, whether it’s supported independent living (SIL) or short-term accommodation (respite), our homes are located in close-knit communities with nearby amenities and services. 

Aspire Hub has a range of vacant properties you can view from too. Browse via location and see what options are available, including tenant information or who this property would best suit. 

Each of the homes listed on our vacancies page are SDA Finder NDIS-approved, so you know you’re receiving quality supports that are designed to help you achieve your goals. Experienced and highly trained staff also manages Aspire Hub’s SDA homes to provide even more support for those who require additional assistance.

Aspire Hub can work with you to find the right home, get in touch with us here.

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