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How to reach your goals with NDIS Short Term Accommodation

January 23, 2023

How to reach your goals with NDIS Short Term Accommodation

Wondering how NDIS respite and STA can help you achieve your goals? Whether it’s community participation, experiencing new environments, or interacting new people, there are some important benefits of NDIS Short Term Accommodation. Here’s how Aspire Hub can help!

What is Short-Term Accommodation NDIS?

STA is a way of providing respite care that allows both you and your carer to have a break or a change of scenery. It’s a broad term that covers various types of STA support, which also includes respite care. STA allows you to experience living away from home in a supportive environment, often a group-based facility, for short periods of time.

STA could look like:

  • One-on-one short-term care where you are paired up with a support worker for a period of time that suits your needs. It could be spent in your home or out and about in the community, participating in local activities
  • A group-based facility where we you are matched with others who may have similar needs and interests, and where you can enjoy participating in a group respite activity
  • Overnight or weekend facility-based support where your needs and interests align with shared STA facilities.

Here are some of the benefits of a stay at NDIS Short Term Accommodation?

1. Increased community participation

Assistance in lifestyle and recreational activities such as engaging in your favourite hobbies, visiting local attractions, meeting new people and engaging with the community

Short Term Accommodation includes personal care, accommodation, food and assistance in lifestyle and recreational activities you and the provider agree to, like engaging in your favourite hobbies, visiting local attractions, meeting new people and engaging with the community.

You might decide you would like to:

  • Attend a personal development course
  • Join a social group
  • Enjoy an outing
  • Go on a holiday camp
  • Visit your local library
  • See a movie, theatre performance or a concert
  • Go to a community event
  • Join a sporting club
  • Visit a theme park

During your STA experience with Aspire Hub, you’ll enjoy the choice to join a range of activities such as Footy Weekend, Explorer Weekend, and Food Trail, which are all designed around your needs.

2. Meet new people

We all need a break every now and then to relax, socialise and have a bit of fun. Another benefit of a Short Term Accommodation NDIS stay is the social aspect! Through short term accommodation, participants can meet new people and form new friendships in a supportive and safe environment.

3. Enjoy a change of scenery- Experience new environments

Mixing it up and keeping things fresh is an important part of life! STA allows you to experience new environments and a change of scenery. Your Aspire Hub STA accommodation will still feel like your home away from home, however.

At Aspire Hub, our STA houses are welcoming and homely, and are located in vibrant communities close to amenities, local attractions, and recreational activities, so you can enjoy everything you love most during your stay. Our personalised support team will make you feel safe, comfortable and at ease in your short-term accommodation.

4. De-stress and recharge

STA provides a break from routine while your informal support network gets some time for themselves. Some time away from your usual accommodation can be the perfect way to relax and recharge and allow you to have some healthy space from your usual routine and carer. Taking a break from your carer is beneficial for everyone, as it can help to maintain positive family and carer relationships. You can enjoy your ‘me time’ by chilling out and watching Netflix, making new friends or getting your mind or body active in a fun activity!


5. Increase independence while receiving the support you need

Planned regular stays away from home can help increase your independence as you transition to moving out of home into Support Independent Living. With Aspire Hub’s NDIS Short Term Accommodation service, you can rest assured you will still have all of the support services you need to be safe and comfortable, while you develop your independence away from home.

This includes assistance with:

· Personal care: Such as assistance in showering, oral hygiene, dressing and toileting

· Medication management: Including the storage and administration of medication

· Assistance in personal development: To support you in achieving your goals


6. Try new activities and learn new skills

At Aspire Hub, we can help you to learn new skills during your NDIS respite stay! We can set you up with capacity-building group activities as part of your stay, such as art therapy sessions, group fitness

activities, or day trips. You may wish to learn to cook, try your hand at an instrument or a new sport. Whatever you decide, our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way.


With more than 30 years’ combined experience in the industry and thousands of hours spent listening to our customers, you can feel confident that you are in safe hands with the team at Aspire Hub.

As an NDIS registered provider, Aspire Hub meets strict government quality and safety requirements, and have proven experience managing complex and high needs.

With no waiting lists at Aspire Hub, our friendly team can offer you support as soon as possible.

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