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What is an NDIS Housing options package?

November 21, 2022

What is an NDIS Housing options package?


Are you wanting to find a new place to live, but unsure of where to start? The NDIS Housing Options Package can help you to explore the different accommodation options available, and provide you with coordination, funding for supports and a plan to make the big move!

So, what is exactly is an NDIS Housing Options Package, and how do you know if you need one?


What is an NDIS Housing Options Package?

If your disability impacts the way you live, a Housing Options Package is a type of funding that might be suitable for you.

As part of the funding, your support coordinator or local area coordinator (LAC) will prepare a document called an ‘Exploring Housing Options Plan’ with you. This document helps the NDIS to understand your goals and desires for the future, work, hobbies, housing history and current arrangements, as well as your support and assessed housing needs.

They will also prepare a recommendation for Specialist Disability Accommodation if needed, and a ‘Life Transition Plan’ which explains the supports you’ll need to move into your new accommodation.


What housing options are available, and how do you choose?

There are many ways the NDIS can support you to live more independently, ranging from a support worker visiting you in your house to modifying a home so it meets your individual needs. While the NDIS won’t pay for your rent or accommodation costs, there are other government support programs that may be able to assist if your disability impacts your ability to earn an income. The guidance of a support coordinator can be very useful when it comes to navigating through your housing journey and getting the right NDIS plan.

The right option for you comes down to a range of factors, including the level of support you require, the ways in which your informal support network can assist with your day-to-day life, and your NDIS goals.

Some types of NDIS housing that will be explored in your plan are:

1. Supported Independent Living (SIL) – If you need around the clock support, a SIL shared living arrangement may be for you, allowing you to stay connected, receive assistance and socialise in a supportive environment with housemates.

2. Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) – If you have high and complex support needs, SDA is accommodation that is purpose built for your specific needs, with tailor made solutions such as lowered kitchen counters or wider doorways.

3. Medium- or Short-Term Accommodation (MTA and STA) – A useful stepping-stone to begin your NDIS accommodation journey, or a place to stay temporarily to provide you with respite from your day-to-day living.


As a trusted NDIS accommodation provider, Aspire Hub has a home to suit every need! From Short- and Medium-Term Accommodation to Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and tailored NDIS services delivered within the privacy and comfort of your home. Your NDIS Housing Options Package is one of the ways we can identify the perfect place for you to call home.


How do I go about getting an NDIS Housing options package?

If your current housing is making you unhappy, putting you at risk, or making it hard for you to get involved in family and community life or employment, it’s important to talk about this with your support coordinator prior to your next NDIS planning meeting. If you don’t have an upcoming meeting, you can request a plan review at any time.

If you’d like to explore new NDIS housing options, remember to list ‘explore more appropriate housing options’ as one of your goals at your NDIS planning meeting. If eligible, you will be provided with a housing plan, which will outline your housing needs, goals, and will include an allied health assessment and budget for the supports you require.

This information will help your support coordinator to understand how best to maximise your independence and which support options may be right for you, such as:

· Capacity building activities

· Assistive technology

· Home modifications

· Specialist housing design features


How to find out if I am eligible for the NDIS:

To apply for NDIS funding, there are some eligibility requirements:

· Age – You must be aged between 7 and 65 to access the NDIS.

· Residence – NDIS funding is available only to Australian citizens, Permanent Visa holders and Protected Special Category visa holders.

· Disability – The NDIS is only available to people who have a disability caused by a permanent impairment. It may be intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory, physical or psychosocial.

· Early intervention – If you need some supports now to reduce your future need for support, or for your family to build their skills to help you, you may be eligible. You can find out more about applying and eligibility here: https://www.ndis.gov.au/applying-access-ndis/am-i-eligible


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