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How we match clients to the perfect vacancies in Ipswich and beyond

October 3, 2022

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If you’re considering moving into your first ever NDIS accommodation or simply looking for a change from your current dwelling, finding vacancies in Ipswich that match your needs can be a challenge. We spoke with Aspire Hub’s Co-Founder about how the Aspire Hub approach is uniquely designed to ensure participants find the ideal home for their needs.

With over sixteen years’ experience in the disability support sector, Aspire Hub’s Co-Founder and Director of Operations Cherryl Joseph knows first-hand the importance of finding the right fit for participants when it comes to accommodation, and believes in a more personalised approach to client support.

The tailored Aspire Hub approach to working with participants can be explained in six important steps:

1. Meet with you and your family or career

This is a crucial first step for the Aspire Hub team to get to know you and your support network better. By developing a relationship based on trust with open communication, collaboration and understanding, we can ensure that we are meeting your needs correctly from day one.


2. Learn exactly what your needs are by asking questions

We know every individual is unique. That’s why, at Aspire Hub, we focus on finding you a home that matches your personal goals and lifestyle. Your needs extend beyond your approved NDIS funding and includes your preferences for social interaction, activities, lifestyle and more. We ask questions

about not just your care and support requirements, but about you personally to find out your likes and dislikes.


3. Match you with the right home

At Aspire Hub, we have a growing range of purpose-built disability accommodation with vacancies in Ipswich and vacancies in Brisbane and to suit you and the supports you need. We’ll make sure to match you with a home that has been carefully selected with your needs and wants in mind. All our recommended vacancies are located close to a variety of amenities including public transport, medical facilities, retail precincts, entertainment, dining and more, so you’ll have everything you need nearby to live an independent and fulfilling life.


4. Introduce you to other residents living in the home (if shared accommodation) to ensure it’s a good fit

Welcoming and introducing you to others that may already be residing in shared accommodation is an important step in your journey to find the perfect home. We understand it’s important to ensure you feel totally comfortable and suited to the environment and any housemates you may be living with.

We consider things like interests and hobbies, gender, age and lifestyle preferences to make sure you can happily co-resident in the home and hopefully even make a new life-long friend! Our team is always with you every step of the way, including during your first meeting, so there’s no need to worry about making your own introductions.


5. Match you with the right support team

Whether you have high or low needs, once we have matched you with your perfect disability accommodation, we can then help you to settle in and support you with a range of day-to-day tasks within your home. While all of our Aspire Hub support workers are passionate, hardworking and provide genuine care and support, we will take the time to match you with a support worker who you feel you connect well with.

Maintaining consistency with your support team for the duration of your journey is also important as this helps to build trust, respect and mutual understanding. Where possible, we make sure you’re always chatting to the same friendly face!


6. We continue to refine and tweak along the way

At Aspire Hub, we believe your home should reflect who you are, and be a safe place where you’re free to be yourself. That’s why you will always be a part of household decisions from choosing your own home, to decorating your room. We check in with our participants along the way, so you will receive quality support beyond just moving in.

We also continue to refine and improve our processes based on our experience and the feedback we receive from clients. That’s why we’re so passionate about receiving valuable, honest feedback from every participant we work with.


Cherryl says one of things that makes Aspire Hub unique when it comes to matching clients with the best accommodation vacancies in Brisbane and South East Queensland, is that there are no waiting lists – our friendly team are here to offer you support as soon as possible and find you a home that suits your needs. Learn more about our disability accommodation locations here or click here to view vacancies in Ipswich.

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